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About health insurance in Germany

Health insurance in Germany is split between the public health insurance and private health insurance. While there are key differences in how they operate, there are certain requirements one needs to meet in order to be covered under a private health insurance. Self-employed, freelancers, students and civil servants can freely join private health insurance without any further requirements. Employees can join a private health insurance if they meet the annual insurance limit (annual earning limit -"JAEG"). The current insurance limit for 2024 is €69,300 per year. Otherwise, employees must be insured under the public health insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

The difference, benefits, disadvantages and regulations between private and public health insurance in Germany can be difficult to understand. The following questions will help you understand if a private health insurance is right for you.

Who can choose a private health insurance?
Employees need to meet the annual insurance limit, otherwise they must be compulsory insured in public health insurance. Civil servants, self-employed / freelancers and students can freely take up private health insurance.
What are the advantages of private health insurance?
The main advantages with private health inaruance are faster appointments, shorter waiting times, access to the best physicians, treatments and facilities, contributions are not income dependent and benefits and tariff can be individualised.
How much does private health insurance cost?
Private health insurance is based on age, health, occupation and tariff chosen. Younger, healthy and high earning persons can therefor greatly benefit from a private health insurance coverage compared to public. The cost can also be adjusted based on coverage, service and the chosen deductible.
What is the annual insurance limit for 2024?
The current annual insurance limit for 2024 is €69,300 gross income per year, or €5,575 gross income per month.

How to buy private health insurance

Eligibility Criteria for private health insurance

The eligiblity criteria for getting private health insurance depends mainly on your occupation. Employees are eligible for private health insurance if they meet the annual gross income limit (JAEG).

Civil servants can be insured privately without any prerequisites and level of income. In the majority of cases the employer covers half or more of the insurance cost similar to employees.

Self-employed, freelancers and students can freely choose to be insured privately. Addidiotnally, public health insurance providers are not obligated to cover third-country nationals so in many cases self-employed persons need to take out a private health insurance.

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Documents Required to buy private health insurance

Employed persons who will be insured through the public health insurance will be registered and insured by their employer. However, employees can choose any public health insurance providers they prefer, this needs to be communicated to their employer and no further requirements are needed.

Since private health insurance costs are calculated on your health status, among others, it is necessary to provide a doctor evaluation form. The appointment can be set up by us, and once completed the only thing we require is a copy of your passport.

The process of buying private health insurance

First request a quote from us, we will then assess your basic information such as income and age. After this, your needs are discussed to ensure your coverage is according to your personal situation.

You will receive a free quote from us and we will help you understand the ins and out of the health insurance coverage, costs and benefits.

As soon as you accept our offer, you complete the signup process and get your health insurance card.

We offer after sales support such as claiming and doctor appointments among others. Be protected, hassle free!

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